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Zoomer Marshall

Reference Number: Zoomer_marshall

Recommended price in Australia: $140.0000

Quick Overview


  • 1 Zoomer Marshall

  • 2 Water Cannon Missiles

  • 1 Reference Guide

  • 1 Instruction Booklet

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Meet Paw Patrol’s Zoomer Marshall! This interactive pup really comes to life: walking, talking, spinning, and more, all on his own!

With the wave of your hand, you can get him to follow you, just like a real pup! Press down on his head to make him say over 150+ real Paw Patrol phrases and sounds! He’ll even perform the Pup Pup Boogie and the Paw Patrol Theme! Are you ready for a ruff-ruff rescue? Zoomer Marshall has 80+ interactive missions and tricks. Join him on Paw Patrol missions and use his transforming Pup Pack with spring-loaded water cannon launchers to save the day! Through bravery, imagination and team work, you can be the hero of Adventure Bay with Paw Patrol Zoomer Marshall!

Ideal toys for Christmas 2016

  • Zoomer Marshall is on a roll! He moves and acts just like a real pup, saying 150+ real Paw Patrol phrases and sounds!