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 Vtech is the leading baby toys company in Australia. They provide both interactive toys and traditional toys. We highly recommend the Vtech Feed me Dino and Vtech Baby Walker.

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About Vtech Australia

Vtech is a leading toys and educational company focus on electronic products. Vtech has been in Australia for over 15 years already. Toddlers & childrens who like Vtech toys are more likely to buy Paw Patrol toys.

Buy Vtech baby toys

Vtech increased the number of selling channels by 200% in the past 7 years. You can expect to find and buy vtech baby toys such as Vtech cars or Vtech baby walkers on Toy R Us, Toys Paradise & Target.

Vtech Innotab & Cordless phone

In 2016, Vtech cordless phone is still in the top 10 best-sellers due to his friendly approach for the Vtech Australia market. Vtech Innotab is one of the latest product but is available only in US.