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Nerf Modulus Guns & Upgrade Kits in Australia

19/20: Great Concept - the Modulus model has been the Nerf range that most of Nerf fans has been waiting for. Get a whole arsenal in one blaster with the motorized Modulus ECS-10 blaster! This incredibly flexible blaster has a targeting scope, drop grip and dual-rail barrel, and its many removable parts let you customize your blaster in more than 30 combinations. Load up the blaster's 10-dart banana clip with the included darts and hit the battlefield in whatever configuration will make you the victor! Available online on most e-stores. Buy before the stock is gone!

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Nerf Modulus Kits Australia

Nerf Modulus has been introduce in 2014. Kids can build their Nerf blaster for any mission or battle with the Nerf Modulus ECS-10 blaster in Australia

Nerf Modulus Accessories

Starting from the top, we can see the “Build Your Own Blaster!” wording. Hasbro is developing the modular capabilities of this new Nerf Modulus blaster and we are more likely to see more of it in the new future.

Nerf Modulus online

Find out all the latest Nerf Guns from Kmart, Toy R Us, Big W, Toys Paradise and Target on ToysHub.com.au. We try to keep up to date with all our links to their online stores.