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Custom made Nerf GunsNerf List & History

Many people will need to select their Nerf gun in light of how cool it looks, which can be difficult to do, following their splendid paint occupations and new outlines make every one of them look really cool. If you're looking for a tyke you will likely need to select in light of its age range, since some Nerf guns and weapons can be more effective than others. They can likewise have more confounded shooting styles or are too substantial for more youthful Nerf blasters. Another alternative you will need to consider while picking your Nerf gun is the place it will be utilized. All the more capable guns can shoot up to forty feet and presumably aren't prescribed for indoor use. In any case, there are less intense guns that can be utilized for family room or office Nerf fights too.

A few of the more popular guns incorporate the Nerf Raider,Nerf Vulcan,and Nerf Maverick. They are all exceptionally cool-looking guns however every fill different needs in your Nerf arsenal. The Nerf Maverick is a littler gun that seems to be like a pistol. When you're prepared for the fight to come essentially stack the 6 froth darts into the round load and you can fire them off within a seconds. The Maverick could without much of a stretch be an indoor or open air gun as it just shoots up to 15 feet.

The Nerf Raider and Nerf Vulcan then again are a considerable amount suggested and greater more for the enormous child who cherishes Nerf. The Raider is Nerf's variant of a Tommy-gun. Its case is the biggest limit Nerf gun ever. It have 35 darts in its drum magazine and can shoot a solitary shot or can be set to quick discharge to give you an edge in your next Nerf fight.

Tipping the scales at 8 pounds, the Nerf Vulcan shoots fast fire small dashes. With a connected ammunition belt and target destinations you'll never come up short on Nerf ammunition and it gives probably the most exact shooting exactness. Both the Vulcan and the Raider are likely better for outside use as they can shoot a further separation. Either one would be a fine decision to take into your next Nerf fight.

With the greater part of the decision of Nerf guns out there you should do your examination to discover which one is most appropriate to your requirements and shooting capacities. Also, with all the protected fun you can have with a Nerf gun, why not add all of them to your Nerf Gun arsenal

When you are out looking for a Nerf gun, you have a major errand of picking the right gun. It can extremely difficult however with an aide, you can get the best gun. Before you even buy one, take load of the considerable number of guns in your territory. Pick possibly your main five top picks among those sorts of NERF weapon. You can select the best Nerf gun taking into account style, number of darts and shooting exactness. It's alright to give back your gun if you don't care for what you see upon closer review of the thing out of the bundle.

Next, you need to get yourself some cash to purchase your Nerf guns. If you don't get these toys as a gift, you can purchase it for yourself with cash you earned from a mid year employment or cash you spare from your remittance. When you're purchasing a Nerf toy, you need to consider your aptitude level. Contingent upon your level, if you're a veteran, a warrior, a pro or a new kid on the block, you need to get a proper gun. For a novices level, you can get Nerf guns with the circle shot. For warrior status, guns with a dart label set or Magstrike work exceptionally well. With respect to the larger amounts, the N-strike long shot is a decent weapon.

Once you've obtained your Nerf gun, you likewise need to get bunches of ammunition for it. There's unpleasant in having a toy gentleman and not having the capacity to shoot with it. You can likewise get yourself a few holsters if you buy Nerf guns that have appearance like handheld guns. For the most enthusiastic of gatherers and clients of Nerf weaponry, you can model your guns by using an air resistor you can fix tape on your guns.

For in-your-face gamers, it is fundamental to know the Nerf Gun purchasers guide or if nothing else know how to purchase a Nerf gun. There are numerous sorts accessible and picking the best is crucial. Firstly, a purchaser ought to realize that he or she is excited about the amusement. Purchasing a Nerf gun for the purpose of simply purchasing it since it is popular is not a smart thought. A man ought to have enthusiasm for gaming is vital. At that point, perusing about related data is critical. By perusing about it a man will realize what to purchase and what is appropriate to his quality. It is additionally significant to realize what the expertise level is. A couple of purchasers aide incorporate purchasing a Nerf Disk shot when in the passage level. A Magstrike can be utilized if the part to be played is an officer. Be that as it may, if a man is a pro, then a N-strike Longshot is exceptionally prescribed.

Nerf Update

Purchasing a Nerf Gun incorporates modification of the late items acquired such as Nerf Modulus, so it is essential to set something aside for the adornments or the gun itself. A diehard gamer realizes that consistent update is key. So before going into this pastime, there ought to be much thought to be made. Getting heaps of munitions or slugs and the required adornments like ammunition belts ought to be acquired so that when in the genuine Nerf Games, the odds of survival or notwithstanding winning the opposition is higher than the rest.

Getting consistent overhaul of what items are accessible is an absolute necessity in each Buyer Guide. These upgrades can be found in discussions of Nerf gun aficionados. Likewise, going to online locales that offer Nerf guns are viable since these destinations offer incredible rebates and evenfree shipping.

As you can see, some research is required before buying the ideal Nerf gun for you. But with the huge amount of safe fun that Nerf guns will provide you with and with the wide variety available in all major retailers.

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Nerf History

The following is a list of the series released under Nerf name and the year of their release. Most of the series have been discontinued and finding them on retail shelves can be hard. The first Nerf series was released in the year 1989. In this article we have covered all the Nerf Guns starting from the pre-90's series to the present ones. Early products are hard to find in the market today, but the present ones are available in most retail stores a cross the country.

The pre-1990 series

1. Original Nerf (1989-1993)

Original Nerf is a name given to the first ever series to produced by Nerf blasters. This series have been discontinued and you cannot purchase the products associated with this series from a store. The guns were in the market between 1989 and 1993. Compared with the newer series, the blasters were somehow primitive.

The series produced between 1990 and 2000

2. Hydro (1990)

This is another Nerf series that have been discontinue. The products series were released in 1992 and featured two water themed products. Generally, the public poorly received this series and this forced the cancellation of the entire line and the associated products. The company released another similar series, the Switch Series, in 1999.

3. Rip Rockets (1993, 1995-1996)

The Rip Rockets series consisted of smaller blasters which were powered by air pressure, they didn't have firing triggers and they all lead to a newer form of ammunition known as the Rip Rockets which was later known as the Micro Darts. This series only ran for a single year and then the manufacturer discontinued it. However, they revived the line and released two more blasters in 1996 and then discontinued the line permanently.

4. Hyper Rip Rockets (1994)

The line had two small pull and release blasters which used Micro Darts as the primary ammunition. They became the second Nerf Series to use Micro Dart ammunition. This series which was a successor to 1993 Rip Rockets series known as Ambush Rip Rockets started and also ended in the same year.

5. Nerf Action (1994-1995)

This is another product line that has been discontinued. It consisted of few gimmick blasters and mainly high capacity blasters as compared to the other Nerf series of that time. In most of the part, this series didn't have a name and the title of the products was only seen in catalogs and promotional materials. There are sites that merge this series with the Original Nerf series.

6. Max Force (1994-1997)

The producer designed the Max Force for animal series and resembled a predatory animal but was discontinued later. Even though it was typically a subpar line of blasters, it brought several revolutionary ideas which remain with some blasters today. The Eagle eye was the first blaster to have laser sight and the Manta Ray was the first ever Nerf Series.

7. Ambush Rip Rockets (1995)

This is another series among those discontinued. It was released in 1995 and featured three small blasters with several unique functions that focused on unexpected shots and stealth. The product line had two predecessor series- the Rip Rockets and the Hyper Rip Rockets. The series also started and ended within the same year.

8. Aero (1996-1997)

The aero began and ended after two years. The product line only had one blaster which was a re-release of the Original Nerf NB-1 Missile Blaster which was the manufacturer released in 1992. This series was unique due to its attempt to create blasters that would fire ammo which would glide in the air. The series was cut later due to lack of ammunition.

9. Cyber Stryke Gear (1996-1997)

The Cyber Stryke Gear series was also discontinued. It had a futuristic look to blasters. Most blasters in this series were also unique and had differentiated features. Users would attach the blasters to their body. Plus all the blasters in this series fired Mega darts even though the Defender T3 was compatible with both arrows and Mega darts.

10. Max Force 2112 (9997)

You won't be able to purchase any blaster from this product line since it is already discontinued. It was released in 1997 and featured an animal theme and most of the blasters in the series resembled an animal. The blasters had triggers and were also more accurate than Max Force blasters.

11. SuperMaxx (1997-2001)

The manufacturer first introduced this series in the year 1994 even though they never sold it under the Nerf Name until later in 1997. They introduced the product as a counterpart to the Larami's Super Soaker brand.

12. Mega Blitz (1998)

This is a Nerf series that entered the market in the year 1998. Unlike many previous series, the blasters in the Mega Blitz didn't have a clear pattern since they didn't share many common things. The blasters have a high rate of fire which may also refer to the title Mega Blitz (Blitz translated form German means flash or lightning).

13. Hyper Sight (1998)

The Hyper Sight is a series of Nerf which was released in the year 1998. The products in this series are already discontinued and you cannot get them in the market. The blasters featured a technique precision theme more similar to the one of Cyber Stryke Gear of 1996. Most large blasters in the series had an emphasis on accuracy.

14. Airjet Power (1999-2001)

The blasters in Airjet series are generall air-powered as the name implies. It was the only series that used screaming arrows and lasted for three years. The Airjet Power Plus line which entered the market while the Airjet Power was still in stores joined it.

15. Airjet Power Plus (1999-2000)

These blasters used air pressure to launch ammunition. They were also designed to use a similar format to that of Airjet Power line from the previous year. The series is also discontinued and finding the blasters can be hard.

16. Switch Shots (1999-2000)

This series was released in the year 1999. The blasters in the series featured ability to fire both darts and water. They were able to switch between the two types of ammunition on the fly as they were air powered and had a single tank for the two firing modes.

The 2000 series

17. Power Nerf (2000-2001)

This series lasted for only two years and was spiritually succeeded by the 2003 N-Strike series. The manufacturer initially released this series under the Power Nerf Series but due to its high popularity, they later released it under the N-Strike AS-1 series.

18. Air Tech (2002)

This Nerf blasters series was released in the year 2002 and the blasters in the line were all airpowered expect the Air Tech Ball Blasters. Most of the blasters in the line featured unique gauges which filled with liquid showed how much air pressure the blaster had.

19. Atom Blasters/Ball Blasters (2000)

This line of blasters was launched in the year 2003 with two blasters which were later re-released under Action Blasters series. The Ball Blasters replaced this series later in the year 2005.

20. N-Strike (2003)

This series which was released in the year 2003 resembled and functioned like real life weaponry much more than the previous series. The debate on whether the blasters had negative or positive features existed between Nerf enthusiasts.

21. Action Blasters (2004)

The Action Blasters series featured eight blasters some of which the company released from the previously discontinued series. The only original blaster in this series was the Big Bad Titan which was originally known as Titan AS-V.1 in the N-Strike series.

22. Dart Tag (2004)

This is a new line produced for the first time in the year 2004. The products under this series included blasters, goggles, vests and some other products for use in sports.

23. Laser Tag (2004-2012)

The products under Laser Tag fire invisible laser which other compatible taggers pick up and take damage from. Tiger Electronics initially owned the product line which gained popularity after they released new additional accessories.

24. Ball Blasters (2005-2006)

This is a great Nerf Blasters' series that was released in the year 2005. The term Ball Blasters referred to the ball blasters released between 2005 and 2006. All the blasters in the line had similar color schemes and other similarities like handles on the Buzzsaw and the atom Blaster.

25. N-Force (2009-2011)

The N-Force series features some foam weapons like shields, axes, and swords. All weapons released under the series are made of stronger and more durable foam than that used in other Nerf series. Over time, the foam on the series may tear and rip following any rough or extended use. This means that the weapons can last for a longer time.

The 2010-present series

26. Vortex (2011-2013)

This series of Nerf disc blasters was released in the year 2011 on September 10th. Overall, the blasters have a huge sixty foot stock range compared with the N-Strikes thirty five foot stock range. However, their long range is counted by the reduced flight speed of discs after fifteen to twenty feet making them easier to evade. Furthermore, the entire line of these blasters assumes that the blasters are completely and steadily upright but the discs curve right or left and have a lesser range.

27. N-Strike Elite (2012-Present)

It's a latest series of the Nerf blasters released on 1st August 2012. The range of these blasters is up to seventy five feet and compared to the N-Strikes series, this line has a 35 foot stock range which is achieved by the direct firing systems rather than the reverse firing system present in the previous series. One confirmed flat-range test showed that the Rampage as well as the Retaliator have a firing range of around 50 to 60 feet which means that the manufacturer advertises the angled range. The versions of this series released in China, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines lack the advertised 75 foot firing range. To observe the safety standards in most countries, the gray trigger N-Strike blasters' firing range is around fifty feet.

28. Rabelle (2013-present)

The blasters in this series have feminine designs and the producer markets them towards the female audiences. Unlike the blasters that are found in N-Strike Elite series, this ones are realistic, tactical and are sleeker similar to the 2011 Dart Tag lineup. Furthermore, the blasters have a firing range which matches to that of the N-Strike Elite series. The performance of the blasters in this series varies depending on the country since it has to comply with the safety standards in the country. Most of the blasters have estimated firing range not exceeding twenty meters and have a gray trigger.

29. Zombie Strike (2013-present)

The Zombie Strike is primarily a theme for blasters with the blasters overlapping with blasters from other lines such as Vortex, N-Strike, N-Strike Elite, and the Super Soaker. The series have no unique color scheme but have several general color scheme types depending on the type of blasters. There are some blasters in this series which have the logos of other series sculpted on them. The Crossfire Bow and the Sidestrike have the N-Strike logo while the Eusefire has the Vortex logo. Most of the blasters in the series are straight redecos of the older blasters from the previous lines. Moreover, the European market packaging is rearranged compared with the United States market packaging and mostly features the logos of the other lines rather than completely unique line.

30. DoomLands 2169 (2015-present)

The Doomlands 2169 products in the United States are completely unique. The products in this series are themed after post apocalyptic. The blasters in this series features clearer parts more similar to the clear series which shows the firing mechanisms of blasters.

31. N-Strike Modulus (2015-Present)

The N-Strike Modulus products were released in the fall of 2015. The series mainly focuses on the customization of blasters with several accessories such as tactical rail accessories detachable shoulder stocks, barrel extensions and rail accessories. Nerf officially announced the series in during the New York City Toy Fair in the year 2015.

32. Rival (2015-present)

Rival Nerf series was officially released in the fall of 2015 but it is not available in stores Australia due to the joy safety requirements. The series is specifically designed for the Nerfers more above the age of fourteen. The Rival series boasts high performance blasters for competitive team based play. All Rival blasters are magazine fed and feature an accessory rail very different from standard tactical rail. All the products released under Rival series are released under two color themes. The Rival series was initially announced during the 2015 New York Toy fair.

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