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Pie Face Board Game

Reference Number: family001

Recommended price in Australia: $34.95

Quick Overview

Pie Face is fantastically exciting and fun-filled… just load the throwing arm with delicious squirty cream or a wet sponge and wait for the tension to build!
You must hold your nerve and keep your fingers crossed - because this is one game where you don't want to end up splat on your face!

Box Contains:
1 x pie thrower
1 x throwing arm
2 x handles
1 x chin rest
1 x splash card mask
1 x spinner
1 x sponge


Manufacturer: Recommended Age: 4+ Number of Players: 2+

Hilarious Pie Face game might just splat you in the face

7.5/10 - The logic of the game is simple; the aim of the game is to get a pie in the face of the opponent.

The gamer has to understand how to properly make use of the mechanical device; a sponge will be covered by a shaving cream in order to recreate the pie.

The gamer will have their turn, and they can spin the device and twist the handle for a number of times until they are able to reach their goal.

If the gamer does not experience getting a cream pie on their face, then they will win the game.

The game is exciting, it is spontaneous at at any time the pie throwing arm could just go off and hit the player at any given moment.

It is challenging at the same time, the arm would just go off, and each time you are not splatted with the pie, then you get to win the game.

This is perfect for gamers who want quick fun, as well as suspense.

If the player is able to reach the 25 points that is the time that they will win the game.

This game is for risk takers, and those who want some memorable game time with friends and family.

It is a good ice breaker; it allows people to have social interaction while having many hours of light fun.

The players is suited for several players, they will take turns in spinning the spinner, until the tension builds in the arm.

Then all of a sudden one of the players will get whipped cream on the face.

This game is for those who want to take risks, it is also for those who want to play hot seat, each time the players turn the handle, they will be given points.

This is perfect for family reunions, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, or just a regular sleep over party.

The game is hysterical, and people can record each other, as they play and watch the videos afterwards.

It can be played by different ages, from children to the elderly. It is a highly relatable game.

This is also for adults who want to fulfill their childhood dream of playing this classic hit game.

It is easy to assemble, and is fun for all ages.

A wet sponge or whipped cream could be used. It is not a heavy duty game, and it definitely stretches the imagination.

The game already comes with a flat square sponge that could be filled with water, or slathered with whipped cream.

it is like a Russian Roulette gateway game, it is fun and provides sweet pleasure at the same time.

Since there is a randomizer, no one can predict how the game will turn out.

There is a sturdy plastic sheet that comes with the game; it will indicate where the head of the player must go. 

Making the device easy to understand and appreciate.