Magic cards’ has won a couple of awards due to its unique and exciting nature since its inception in1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Ever since its first publish, magic cards’ has evolved each year with different releases having been produced, and rules of the game having undergone three revisions to date. Magic: the Gathering, has been released in two types, the core set and the themed expansion sets.  

First version

Alpha beta & unlimited was the first release in august 1993 followed by Arabian Nights in December 1993. The first release was so successful and as magic cards is a story line that doesn’t end, there were other releases amounting to four releases a year. However, these releases were irregular until the release of Mirage in 1996, and thereafter one revision of the core set and a block would be released each year. This was in 2009 and a block would contain a set of three related expansions. This would last until 2005 whereby the system was changed. The core set was eliminated and a block would now contain two sets that were to be released two times a year.

The Gathering Limited Edition was the first release and it didn’t have a story line. It contained two runs known us Limited Edition Alpha and Limited Edition Beta. Unitil the Visions, all these sets were inspired by mythologies of different cultures. This is evident in Arabian Nights that takes some characters from One thousand and One nights and makes them into magical cards and the Ice Age that describes a world ser in perpetual winter due to the events in Antiquities which was the fifth magic. Antiquities had a story line, and it was the first one. It was about two brothers; uzra and Mishra who broke their tight friendship over attempts to find two power stones. Homelands came in as the thirteenth magic as part of ice age. 

Mirage was the first official block and it consisted of three expansion sets and would end after two decades until Khans of Tarkeil in 2014. It consisted of three sets, mirage, visions and weatherweight.

Weathertight saga was designed to be a heroes journey, which gave a twist to the previous sets that included allusions to an overarching story. The crew in the waterlight ship travel in serach of anticrafts known as the legacy. The platoganists in the weathertight travel thought the multi verse to fight Yawgmoth. Odyssey comes in to amplify the events or rather comes as an aftermath of the apocalypse, 100 years down the line. Odyssey brings to an endl A thirteen set story line beginning in wealtherweight and climaxing n apocalypse. Odyssey has Khamahl, a protagonist, a fighter skled in throwing fireballs and melee combat. Thus, from odyssey to scourge, there is an interconnection storyline set , 100 years later on the Dominaria where multiple factions battle for the control of a powerful of a powerful magical articfact called Mirari. Releases after odyssey and scourge focused on thematics worlds, from Mirrodin through Alara. See more board games.