For kids and adults !

The game is filled with thrill and fun. It has been described as a game of strategy. I would therefore highly recommend it even for adults. The strategy is that a player should only drop points for his winning tactic and to the disadvantage of the opponent. For instance, a player must know his opponents and know the cards they have.Check Sushi Go prices

Different sushi cards have different scores; the winner is therefore determined by calculating the total points of each players cards at the end of the three rounds. Notably, the Sushi Go Party has eight types of cards. These are, tempura, sashimi, Gyoza, Nigiri, Dumpling, wasabi, maki rolls, Pudding, chopsticks, and Wasabi.

The tempura sushi is only worth points if a player collects more than two of its kind, the dumpling cards score the highest because one dumpling is worth a point and two are worth 3 points and so on. Sashimi, on the other hand, is useless if a player has one, but is worth ten points when a player has three of them. 

One trick is that a player must employ is that you should not be seen making a set because this will get them block you. When making your winning strategy do it fast, so not to evoke other players to engage in a blocking tactic. 

More so, an intelligent player will know which cards to keep and which to keep. For instance, it is not tactical to pass a dumpling card where your opponent has two dumpling cards already because you will be aiding your opponent win. Rather, keep it and have your safe one point. Also, a player must know that individual cards have higher chances of scoring high points and therefore must never let them go. The best example here, are cards that have points by themselves such as Dumpling and the three nigiri types. Squid Nigiri scores highest here.

It is also very easy to enjoy the game because the cards come in the top-notch art. More so, all players are engaged at the same time although they are at different levels. The game is also affordable.

More so, the Sushi Go! is compact and easy to carry around which comes with a beautiful metal travel tin. No matter where you are going, you can take the game with you, and your friends can enjoy it. Highly recommended.