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Each generation will have representative Barbie dolls connected to their history and main happenings of their time. This makes Barbie more than just a doll – it is a symbolic tribute to the ever evolving society changes that happens throughout time.Read More
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Sushi go

For kids and adults !

The game is filled with thrill and fun. It has been described as a game of strategy. I would therefore highly recommend it even for adults. The strategy is that a player should only drop points for his winning tactic and to the disadvantage of the opponent. For instance, a player must know his opponents and know the cards they have.

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Oct 25, 2016 6:05:06 AM By Site Owner Games Reviews,
magic cards

Magic cards’ has won a couple of awards due to its unique and exciting nature since its inception in1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Ever since its first publish, magic cards’ has evolved each year with different releases having been produced, and rules of the game having undergone three revisions to date. Magic: the Gathering, has been released in two types, the core set and the themed expansion sets.  

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Little Tikes produces Toys of good quality for an age range from Infants to young children. It has maintainable toys for development and education, playgrounds and children’s furniture for girl’s and boy’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Apr 3, 2016 11:35:24 PM By daniela daniela New Toys,

The American company Fisher-Price produces toys for kids of all ages. Fisher-Price has a wide range from baby gear to toys for pre-schoolers. The fundamental principles were based on a high play value to encourage and stimulate senses, appeal the imagination and many choices to make kids exciting in same time.

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Apr 3, 2016 9:00:20 PM By daniela daniela New Toys,

StarLily, the magical FurReal Friends Unicorn makes your day special. Travel to Rainbow Falls to play with her! This incredible unicorn figure has moves and style to keep you entertained for hours. She is the best pet friends who play all day, make you laugh, and love you back. This cuddly unicorn is here to give you unconditional love, laughter, and even a little touch of magic whenever you need it. Get your special offer now and save $40 on StarLily!



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Are you looking for the best board games 2016? Well, board games are not only meant for children but also for adults. Playing board games is the easiest and best way of ending your boring lifestyle or entertaining yourself without having to spend a lot. Socialization and bonding with family members is enhanced by gaming. Here are the most interesting board games you can play in 2016.

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paw patrol

Playtime is a standout amongst the most basic parts of adolescence advancement. Youngsters play in an assortment of courses with various different toys. Every movement differently affects improvement. Toys and other items are vital augmentations of a youthful kid. Toys are an integral part of a kid's life. An all around acknowledged actuality is that the reason for paw patrol toys is to keep the toddlers and little youngsters occupied. Without a doubt, they are to be played with too, yet it's a simple as that. Folks stock the nurseries with more than adequate toys even before the infant arrives. Creature toys, splendidly hued toys, hard and delicate toys, of all shapes and sizes toys and everything, toys ideal for a young lady or a kid or both, swarm the room as they quietly hold up to fill their need.

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paw patrol toys

See the new paw patrol online games - here is a quick overview of the free online game version. You will see all the games and tips. From Marshall the firedog to Chase the police pup to Skye, who flies high in her copter, each pup brings unique personality and skill to the team, modeling the importance of teamwork and good citizenship. They all have special Pup Packs on their backs to help them handle anything – from rescuing kittens to saving a train from a rock slide. And no matter how big the adventure, the PAW Patrol always has time for a game, a laugh, and an ear scratch from Ryder. See all Paw Patrol Toys.

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